Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: Do you provide invoices?
A: If requested, invoice is available. Please note this in your order, or contact us by email to:
Q: What does "6+1" axis mean?
A: The Mirobot is a six-axis robotic arm that, although small, can be extended by the reserved seventh axis. You can attach a conveyor belt or rail to do more work.
Q: What end effectors does Mirobot have?
A: Mirobot's end effectors include suction cups, pen holders, clips, soft claws, electromagnets, etc. The replacement is very simple. Pick and place, painting and writing, and Gopro and other applications can be achieved by changing the fixture. We will release the interface drawings for the end effector. You can design your own stand to install your end effector.
Q: How is Mirobot open-source?
A: We will open source GRBL-based firmware and Mega2560-based control board schematics. Everyone can make Mirobot better or customize their own robotic arm. Mirobot will provide relevantdocuments of ROS, V-rep, Webots.
Q: How can I program Mirobot?
A: You can use Blockly, G Code and Python in our official script-writing software Mirobot Studio, or access to its API on your own by using C, C++, C#, and JAVA. Mirobot API interface supports multiple programming languages and is perfect for tailor-made software development.
Q: Where can I buy Mirobot?
A: After the Crowdfunding on Kickstarter, we are concentrating on the production for backers and preparation of Mirobot G1 retail selling next year. If you would like to pre-order now, please contact us directly:

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